Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 1

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Rowe. This is my fouth Class with Brandman. I have taken online classes in the past. After my daughter was born I fell off the horse. But I am back and on my was to complete my BAA Business Administration, Accountting.I am originally from Ohio join the Navy right out of high school in 2005. I moved Washington State last year where I am station at NAS Whidbey Island. I feel like I could become a better researcher and user of information buy checking more then one place for information. What i mean by thy is in the Why is Information Literacy Important? hand out it tells you internet and TV is available to us 24/7 and is becoming harder to find "good stuff". Just because the tech is smart doesnt mean you can be dumber. In fact you need to be even smarter because you need to check Multiple sources so you can back up your reseach.


  1. Chris
    First, I would like to say thank you for your service. What is your job in the Navy? Does it relate to your degree in Business Administration, Accounting?
    As far as being a better researcher, I would like to sharpen my skills because I'm not so great at it. I usually "Google" what I'm looking for and accept the first thing that pops up. I agree that we should look for more than one source, as well as check the validity of the source. Being on television or on the internet doesn't make it a reliable source. It doesn't even make it good, reliable or correct information for that matter.
    Hadley, Marquita

  2. Chris
    Like Hadley, Marquita I would like to thank you for your service. You bring out a good point, we have all this technology we think that we are advancing while in fact we are back tracking. I concur with you we have all this wonderful technology but we seem to be getting dumber by the minute. For example, we are no longer interacting in person, everything seems to be via email, phone calls, texts, etc. We are losing the human touch. I also concur, on the fact that we must check several sites and different sources besides the internet in order to get better and more complete information on the topic. Having read this weeks assign reader, do you feel more or less prepared when it comes to doing research?

  3. Hello Chris,
    I commend you in helping protect our country! Thank you! I have fell off the horse with school to after I finished my Associate's degree. It took me 10 years to get back on! What is you plan after graduation with your business degree? What part of Ohio are you from? I live in Mansfield about an hour south of Columbus. I use to have a bad habit when I did research is spending hours on the internet but, many times I could not find information that supported my research that was legitimate or did not have enough facts to back up its claim. Now I use the on-line library at Brandman and books. what methods have you used to help with your research? After I am satisfied with my findings I take notes and make an out-line to help organize my thoughts. It seems to be helpful.