Saturday, November 29, 2014

LBSU-302 Week 5

This week while researching for more information that I could use for my research subject I found The Journal of Management Accounting Research very helpful. Its main focus is to spread accounting knowledge. To me this journal is the best place to ask question and find answers. With the top people in the field submitting ideas it should be in unlimited place of knowledge. This writings made me more aware of the overall work that goes into being in accounting, especially large businesses. It helped me to understand there are accountants that are not only doing accounting work. They are submitting ideas and throes to help the field. With them submitting new ideas the journal has top people in the field helping develops any ideas that are submitted.

Friday, November 21, 2014

LBSU 302 Week 4

This week I discovered something very interesting. Not all accounting student get there CPA and most end up corporate or in the government. I don’t know why by I thought most would focus on getting there CPA. Maybe because when you think accounting you think CPA first. But for me I never wanted to get my CPA but with more than half going to corporate like I wanted to do. I might focus me research toward CPA to learn more about it and what it take. Maybe ill will change what I what to do either become a CPA or go corporate?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 3, Assignment 2

Being accounting major I wanted my research to involve my major. When I did my first seach I thought this would be easy. But more i read I realized that changes could happen without notice.  Which is the one frustration I had with this assignment. Trying to find current information was a hard task. I found where book were updates months after they where published. Therefore I started a search on google and came accross the AICPA website. Seeing how this is the bible of accounting I will be useing this reference for my research. I hope to found more research tool for  accouning that i might be able to add to my tool box. Even if the information i found doesnt fit with the research need for this class it still might be helpful to have in your back pocket when need.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Week 2

The field I will be studying is accounting. I plan to focus on Business accounting and staying current on all the information is a must. With the business world evolving every day so does all the information very seemlier to technology.

As for a deeper understanding of my topic goes, there is a lot information to go through. I realize that I will have to use trustworthy site like leatherby library and even Google scholar or advanced and keep my searches on business accounting. Even that might be a challenge. Because I might want to focus on international business or just business in the United State. I hope that the information I found will guide me into a direction that I like to focus on.