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LBSU-302 Week 7

This week’s annotation bibliography’s research  was very interesting.  I found a few new articles that used over the articles I used in previous weeks. I couldnt find much in the Library on my research question. So I went on Google scholars and found a few new articles like articles I “Does Earnings Management Affect Firms’ Investment Decisions?” I feel that this article is credible because the author are professor at two top schools in the country and they backed up there research with alot of facts from other sources. I do feel like there will always be further research required. I believe this because as you do research you tend to bring up more question as you answer your first question. How firms use your money to make investment for the them selves with out your knowledge. 
My research question proposal is “ Factors that impact earnings management in the United States.”

This article talks about is bring on issues about impairment manipulation in that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and to examine discretionary charges and firms earning experience. The information in the article is very current published this year (2014). The aricle is spot on with my research question which is factors that impact earnings management in the United States. The authors in this aricle was Ekaterini Laskaridoe PhD in Internation accounting, Athanasios Vazakidis from University of Macedonia department of applied informatics, and Athianos Stergios PhD Accounting and finance. All people that are more then qualified to talk about the subject. They got all there information from multiple souces one they acknowledge was Technological Educational Institute. The purpose of this information is was to bring on issues and to examine the manipulation in the IFRS.

Another source I found was a book called “Earnings Measurement Determination Management and Usefulness. The information in the book was last updated in 1999. So not as updated as some of the other sources that I found but the content in the book is very good. It helps you understand earnings meaurement and price level changes and will help you determine and understand wealth measurement. The author Riahi-Belkaoui, Ahmed multiple degrees including a MBA from University of Illinois. The over all purpose of this book is to give you usefulness of earnings and the mearsurement of it.
Riahi-Belkaoui, A. (1999). Arnings Measurement, Determination, Management, and Usefulness. Westport: Quorum.
My next source is call Retirement heist: How companies plunder and profit from the nest egg of American workers. The article is currernt it was published in 2011. I like this articel because it is attention grabber. When your read companies plunder and profit over your money you cant help but read the full article. By doing this it brings awarness to money management. Ellen E. Schultz is the author and she is investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal. The purpose of this article is to bring awareness to how companies use your money.
Schultz, E. (2011). Retirement heist: How companies plunder and profit from the nest eggs of American workers. New York: Portfolio/Penguin.
In the following article A review of the Earnings Management Literature and its Implications for Standard Setting the authors use this as a oportunity for future research on earning management. In this paper it reviewed they way earning management was being introduced and its implication for accounting standards. The article is a good read brings up a few question but it a little out dated. The authors are two professor one from Harvard and the other from Indiana University. I believe the purpose of this article is to inform anyone that reads it about the authors research and allow for more research in the future.
Healy, P., & Wahlen, J. (n.d.). A Review Of The Earnings Management Literature And Its Implications For Standard Setting. Accounting Horizons, 365-383.

In the article Audit Committe Board Characteristic and Earnings Management by Commercial Banks. The authors both who have accounting degrees, do comparison on audit committee, board characterisitics, and earning management. This article is good because they also compare big and small firms as while. This article was writen in 2004 with the purpose of investigate the relationship in big firm to small firms.
Zhou, J., & Chen, K. (2004). Audit Committee, Board Characteristics and Earnings Management by Commercial Banks. Journall of Accounting and Economics, 33, 375-400

In my last articel Does Earnings Management Affect Firms’ Investment Decision? The authors point out that earnings management can and will affect decision with firms, and to those made by investors and anyone that relys on the financial report. This is one of the better articles that I found because it right on with my research question. Both authors have accounting backgrounds. The purpose of the article was to investgate does earning management affect firms?

Mcnichols, M., & Stubben, S. (n.d.). Does Earnings Management Affect Firms’ Investment Decisions? The Accounting Review, 1571-1603

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