Sunday, December 7, 2014

LBSU-302 Week 6

I feel that learning about integrity plagiarism, intellectual property, and alternatives to traditional copyright practices any time you’re in school is great. Even if you have had this multiple time, getting a refresher on what you can do and what you can’t do will help you as a student in the long run. One of the first things you are taught in school is plagiarism is wrong. But its no until college your kinda understand. The reason I think is you could fail a class and repay for that same class or even worst kicked out of school. That when I think it really sinks in. I feel that acadmic integrity is one if not the most important. How are you going to earn your degree when you are cheating from someone else? After you get out of school you get a job you are not going to know what is going on because you never did your own work.


Chris Rowe


  1. I completely agree with you, even if students review the rules and regulations of plagiarism multiple times it is a great refresher. Some times students get so caught up in getting the assignments done, it would just seem less time consuming to copy and past or paraphrase someone else's answer without inputting the proper citation, and need the reminder that doing so is theft.

    As for your statement about a person getting their degree, then getting a job and not knowing what is going on, because they cheated their way through school, is a sad reality. This is why all the additional programs like Turnitin are being utilized, to help catch plagiarism. This programs are very useful for not only the professors but for the student as well.
    Have you ever used Turnitin? Before you submit your paper, it will actually run a check and highlight the areas and note where it can reference your sentence, sentence structure, or even (sometimes a little too drastic) just two or three words used in conjugation with each other. The program will also give the creator a percentage of how much of the paper is "plagiarized" with information that is in its system, and allow the author to cancel the submission to make corrections before submitting it.

  2. I have used Turnitin for some of my sociology classes. It is a great tool for educators to network and find hints on plagiarism. I fear with resources like this, when used with much sensitivity, so much material will be published, that it will be a real challenge to come up with truly original material. I might be over-exaggerating a little. Thanks for the great post!
    - Winter Green-Esteves

  3. Chris,
    I concur with you, if a student gets a degree with the help of cheating, how are they going to make it out in the real world? Are they still going to cheat? It is true that in school they tell you that plagiarism is wrong, but oftentimes they do not tell you why it is wrong. They leave it as a sort of mystery. Maybe this could be a reason why some students still decide to commit this act?
    I think that it is great that once you are in college, the professors make you realize why plagiarism is wrong, instead of just telling you that is bad. It would be very interesting to read about the psychology behind why students plagiarize.